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Information Technology Centres

About the Programme

The programme acts as a platform to bring children, women and youth from economically weaker sections to access IT and vocational training. It empowers them through digital literacy and job-oriented skill training. Established on the core belief that skills improve employability, our centres are a hub of knowledge and learning in digital education that open doors to new career options for our beneficiaries.

The Udayan Care Information Technology Programme planted its roots in 2004, bringing technology closer to underserved communities and using it as a tool to improve their livelihood opportunities. Udayan Care elevates the levels of computer literacy among youngsters, helping them keep up with an increasingly digital world. The programme focuses on disadvantaged sections such as densely populated clusters of slums that lack access to technology.

We have 10 centres today, spread across 3 states. Our IT centres offer various certificate and diploma courses in basic as well as advanced computer applications, such as Community Technical Skills Program, Desktop Publishing, Computer Concepts, Diploma of Computer Application and Advance Diploma of Computer Application.

We also offer a Microsoft certification and NIELIT (Govt) certification too.

We put emphasis on other aspects of holistic development such as soft skills training, English speaking skills, personality development and offer mentoring to make the beneficiaries ready for the professional world.

Programme Objective

Digital Literacy

The programme’s core objective is to change the lives of underserved youth and women by fostering digital literacy. The courses help our students learn essential computer, language and inter-personal skills that enable them to use technology to enhance their employability.

The programme imparts IT skills to disadvantaged sections such as slums, resettlement colonies and other low-income neighbourhoods, with a strong focus on youth and women. Therefore, about half of our enrolees are women!

Empowering Youth with Holistic growth

To empower the disadvantaged youth, women and children with holistic growth and development, we train them in soft skills through sessions aimed at personality development and leadership building. We find that co-curricular activities help promote peer bonding and team spirit. Our enrollees emerge as confident job seekers, with an enriched ability to make informed decisions.

Inspiring careers

We are convinced that exposing students to the skills and information useful to their choice of career paths enhances their confidence. We therefore regularly conduct workshops to prepare them to obtain employment, and to keep their jobs once hired. The programme also facilitates interaction with corporates and professionals for maximum industry exposure.

Taking Socio-economic Strides

Enrollment at our centers uplifts the personal, financial and social position of the beneficiaries coming from disadvantaged backgrounds. Invigorated by opportunities to interact with individuals from different walks of life and skill sets that help them evolve into confident and self-assured individuals, the programme beneficiaries become increasingly relevant to modern urban society. Knowledge of computer software and the English language also helps the participants understand current government policies and the world around them better.

Placement Assistance

The centers groom students for a smooth transition into the professional arena, for which there is a dedicated placement cell. Equipped with career counseling and continued guidance while seeking appropriate positions and preparing for interviews, our enrollees have a great chance of finding jobs and ultimately attaining financial self-reliance.