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Darshana's Story

Darshana belongs to a lower middle class family of farmers. Her family was plagued by financial difficulties and her father’s alcoholism. With the support of USF, Darshana has overcome all obstacles in her path created by being born into a challenging home environment.

Darshana has journeyed from Rohini to Bangalore, and finally to Cambridge, where she is an honored female scientist!

One amongst six students to be selected nationally, Darshana won a full scholarship to JNCASR—one of the country’s premier research institutes. Her perseverance and passion won her the chance to pursue a PhD at Cambridge University. Darshana went on to co-found Vigyanshaala, an organization that motivates generations of capable young minds to pursue a career in STEM disciplines.

USF is proud to have mentored Darshana, a bright and fertile mind. Today, she has become a motivation for young women, inspiring them to chase after their dreams with passion.

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