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Issues We Address

Child & Youth Care

In India, 31 million children live without parental care, that is, they lack the overnight care of at least one of their parents. These children, who have been temporarily or permanently separated form their biological families, need protection in the form of quality alternative care. The grave reality is that only 1.4% receives any sort of formal alternative care. 


Nearly 10% of India’s population; about 130 million of 1.2 billion people; are adolescent girls. Although 96% of girls enrol in primary school, only 1 of out of every 100 girls reaches a secondary level of education. According to current transition rates, a girl who enters her final year of primary education (typically Class V) only has a 54% chance of even starting Class XI.


The youth of India is its untapped potential. 1 in every third person in the country is a youngster below the age of 24, yet most lack any formal exposure to skill development. Youth constitute a large chunk of the Indian workforce, yet 80% doesn't possess any marketable skills.