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Sanjiv Goswami

“Indeed it has been an honour to be associated with a noble cause such as yours. The work you do for the uplift of the young Shalinis and the underprivileged children by giving a direction to their lives and making them self-sufficient and independent is truly commendable.

I have had the opportunity to support your multiple initiatives which have strong social impact and each of these well thought out initiatives have gone a long way in improving and stabilising the young girls’ lives.

I wish you continued success in your tireless endeavours.

Sanjiv Goswami
President, Centre for Education, Growth & Research. Former Managing Director, Springer Nature India”

USF program with its planned methodology and strategic approach to support education and to building the overall persona of girls coming from weaker sections of our society, has brought massive transitions in the life of Udayan Shalini Fellows. We resonate strongly with the philosophy and goal of the USF to empower the ambitious Shalinis. We have been associated for the last 6 years and wish to support them for a prolonged period. We wish good luck and success to the Udayan Care team."

Sanjeev Gupta
Founder & Chairman, Ratan Lal Foundation

“Udayan Care has been making some pioneering initiatives on alternative care in India and South Asia region. Udayan Care has created a regional platform for alternative care by conducting Bicons on alternative care. The international journal on alternative care is another contribution of Udayan Care which has helped to mainstream the agenda of alternative care in the region. SOS Children’s Villages partnership with Udayan Care has added significant value to the agenda of alternative care both in terms of scope and scale in the Asia region”.

Rajeev Kumar
Director Programme-Asia SOS Kinderdorf International

The giving of food (अन्नदानं) is a great type of charity (महद्दानं) . But the giving of knowledge (विद्यादानं) is even greater than that (ततःपरम्). The satisfaction (तृप्तिः) obtained from food (अन्नेन) is only momentary (क्षणिका), while that gained from knowledge (विद्यया) lasts lifelong (यावज्जीवं) Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. “When you educate one person you can change a life, when you educate many you can change the world. ” Udayan Shalini Girls’ are doing great work in it.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever” – Mahatma Gandhi

Shri Madhusudan Agrawal
Hon. Consul of Uganda in Mumbai. Vice Chairman, Ajanta Pharma Trustee of Samta Foundation