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Volunteers in Action

Over the last 23 years, we have been fortunate to enjoy the support of innumerable committed people from more than 35 countries in our mission of enabling children to fulfill their dreams.

Students from universities in India and overseas also volunteer their time through short term and long term internships at Udayan Care.

Udayan Care engages Volunteers/Interns from different backgrounds and with varied skill set in its programs. We seek volunteers to support us in the following areas of our work:

1) Working with our Children: We have around 14 Udayan Ghars (Children’s homes) in Delhi-NCR, Kurukshetra and Jaipur. You could undertake the following activities at any of these Ghars:

  • Conduct workshops on art, craft, yoga, music, theater, photography, foreign languages etc
  • Have a story telling session or take the children out for excursions and educational tours.
  • Conduct medical and dental camps in the Ghars for the children and employees.
  • Organize competitive events in sports, drawing, debating, quizzes, photography etc
  • Showing inspirational movies, children movies etc. followed by in-depth discussion on different aspects of the movie.
  • Organize awareness programs regarding alcohol, drug use, HIV/AIDS etc or provide the children with education on sex and gender.
  • Organize tree plantation drives or workshops on the use of recyclable material.
  • Provide sports equipment to persuade the children to adopt a healthier lifestyle.
  • Providing tuitions in the desired subjects.
  • Celebrate various events and festivals with the children like birthdays, Diwali and Christmas

We are looking for dedicated volunteers/interns with a passion for working with children and past experience in developing and facilitating such programs.

2) Research & Documentation (social, psychological, health, cognitive, etc.) of the children within the homes and propose ways to overcome deficiencies; research to find out the efficacy of our other programmes; researching on any relevant topic, which can aid to our programmes by bringing in different perspectives; help in strengthening evaluation and monitoring systems of our programs and producing reports.

3) Developing communications and other strategies to promote the work being done on child and youth care by Udayan Care and documentation of success stories for social media and other campaigns and thus assist in Fund raising.

4) Capacity Building and strengthening systems within the organization for instance, aiding to developing Management or IT systems within the organization; identifying training needs and developing programs for staff, HR management improvement.

5) Developing linkages, networking and funding proposals – Developing, supporting and strengthening partnerships with other organizations and countries for volunteers and resources (for instance, developing ties between Udayan Care and other NGOs, universities and funding organizations, and corporate, and writing proposals for grants for direct costs as well as for capacity building of the staff and volunteers on these issues).

6) Advocacy and Policy Research: Undertaking structured research and content development on various laws, policies and issues of Child and Youth Care (Alternative Care: foster care, adoption, institutional care, aftercare) in India and the other South Asian countries, and in the developed world; also undertaking activities to promote the academic journal of Udayan Care on Alternative Care; and assist in creating IEC material on the same.

Following your application and approval Udayan Care will assess your skills, knowledge and experience and identify the most appropriate match in the organization.

To know more call us on 011-46548105/6 or e-mail at