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Udayan Care Germany


Udayan Care Germany was founded in 2014 and is currently funding 50 shalinis in the greater Noida chapter. The current executive board members are Thomas v. Hake, Nina Aldag and Niels Hiddemann, with Juergen Osterhage, a well known German journalist, as its Chairman.

2016 was another successful year where the financial commitment to support 50 shalinisin greater Noida could again be met. The success is very much driven by its dedicated members and supporters that organized fund raising events, gave presentations and met numerous times to build and grow the organization. 

A charity dinner in February 2017, saw more than 40 guests spend a wonderful evening. Special guest was Mohd. Faheem Khan, Asst Director, Udayan Shalini Fellowship Programme, from India, who gave a first hand insight into the amazing success of the Shalini program to the guests present. The event was a great success, both financially and with regard to spreading the word. Special thanks to Nina Aldag, Marie-Louise Seelig und Julia v. Hake. 

Ralph Eric Kunz (Thomas Hake's business co-founder) celebrated his birthday in November 2016 and asked his friends to donate to Udayan Care instead of presents. More than 3500€ were donated. These donations helped significantly to achieve UC Germany's fundraising goals.

In March Julia v. Hake gave a presentation about Udayan Care at the local chapter of an international women-focused charity organisation in Verden/ Aller (Zonta International) that supports women related projects all over the world.

A very warm thank you goes also to Gerlinde Buchinger-Schmid, who continuously supports Udayan Care Germany with donations and every other possible support; to Benny Grosch, and to the local chapter of Verden/ Aller of the Red Cross Germany (Barbara v. Hake).