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Erica & Tyler Grey

“What a honour it was to work with the children and the staff at Udayan Care. This is truly an agency that is visionary and progressive in serving the needs of the most vulnerable to see children empowered to fulfill their full potential. The insight, resilience and hope that is present in each of the children We had the pleasure to work with will be a motivator for community wide change. Continue to believe in your vision and hold fast to the courageous and meaningful work that is being done in individuals as well as for greater realms of society. We will always hold closely my experience with Udayan Care..” were the words of Erica and Tyler Gray from Canada when they were leaving Udayan Care. The husband and wife duo had come all the way from Canada to volunteer with us. Erica was involved with the kids at the Sant Nagar home where her main responsibilities were to improve clinical counseling skills with children using creative alternative therapies with them for assessment and treatment intervention purposes to treat issues such as attachment, emotional regulation, self esteem, empathy and healthy relationships. On the other hand, Tyler’s goals were to provide assistance in advancing the After-care Programme through the development of internal documents for education and an external advocacy document to be used in consultation with the Government of India. Their inputs and efforts have been extremely helpful for the children as well as for the organization.