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History of the Chapter

When I, as Convener, look back to when Jaipur chapter of Udayan Care was started, I marvel at the courage shown by my team on embarking on this challenging journey. Being a bureaucrat, I was always wary of NGOs but one meeting with Kiran Modi, Managing Trustee, changed everything. After retirement my dream was that I would set up the chapter in Jaipur. Easy to dream and at times I would wonder if this dream would really come true. I knew I could not take on this ambitious task without having my core team. Destiny has its own way to unfold and lo and behold, Dr Ritu Joshi came into my life and with her she brought this wonderful team. Their commitment, empathy and motivation to be part of the Udayan journey were indeed heartening, to the extent that the initial funding was arranged by the members. To this day they continue to be a valuable asset to the organisation. And so we embarked on this exciting voyage by starting our Udayan Ghar, which today resounds with the laughter and antics of 20 lovely girls.

The success of running the Ghar Programme proved we were on the right track. So we launched Udayan Shalini Programme in 2013. We formed a separate committee and today we are covering 195 students.