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The 'Udayan Care Corporate Engagement Programme' is a wing of volunteer activity that has been developed to create a platform for Corporate Social Responsibility endeavors, while exposing the Udayan Ghar children to professions of the future.

The 'Udayan Care Corporate Mentoring Programme' matches a corporate organisation with children aged 6-18 from an Udayan Ghar for a minimum period of a year. An induction programme for both mentors and mentees sets the goals for the interactions, as well as breaks the ice for employees, some of who are interacting with children for the first time!

Based on the time available to them, the corporate firm works together with the children on a weekly or monthly basis at their office or at a facility. The programme enables corporates to share their expertise with children, while children experience the professional environment of the workplace. This process assists our children in making informed career choices.

Corporates often organize one day events and excursions with the children of Udayan Care. Some organizations arrange soft skills workshops and training sessions, helping our children adjust better at their schools and places of work.

Corporate volunteers from organizations like TATA and Genpact have been involved in our office and have helped us on weekends, in areas such as fund raising, developing MIS systems, data entry, web site development, HR development, training programmes, etc. Organizations like ASOS, Baxter, Benetton, Genpact, Mercer, UHG are among many others who have joined hands with us in making a difference.

To find out how your organization could join Udayan Care Corporate Mentoring programme, please get in touch with our volunteer management team at